Misty Ridge Coffee Company

Welcome to Misty Ridge Coffee Roasting Company, the only coffee roaster in Port Alberni, mid-Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

We roast absolutely amazing blends of Arabica coffee. Roasting since 2004. Our medium roasts are absolutely bursting with flavour, and our dark roasts are roasted to SMOOTH DARK, not burnt or bitter in flavour. We have attended events on Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Port Hardy, and everyone who appreciates great coffee loves Misty Ridge!!!

You will never find another coffee like this! Try what we produce, and you will never go back to your regular Java!!!

These are incredible deals for incredible coffee!!!! 3-Pack blends (3 X 300 gram), your choice of blends (see blends page) are only $39.95 delivered to your door in Western Canada. Six bag minimum order in Eastern Canada, or the USA. FREE SHIPPING!!!

All coffee shipped from our micro-roasting facility within 48 hours. Want more? 1 X 2kg bag of your choice of blends: $70.00. Free shipping!!!


Want free coffee?

Refer us to 6 friends who buy, and we will mail you a free bag with your next order! Or mail us 12 blend labels cut from the bags, and we will include a free bag with your next order. Or arrange with us, by e-mail to have your 3-pack shipped the first week of every month for a year, and prepay with Visa, special rate of $396.00, and we will send you a free 3-pack whenever you are ready, your choice.


Special event coffee?

Let us know their name, and along with the coffee order, we will send a free card to the recipient, for Xmas, birthday, anniversary, etc. Make them smile!



“You’ve ruined me for any other coffee other than Misty Ridge!” Maria, Victoria, B.C. ”Using Misty Ridge Coffee, my lattes are 1000 times better than !!@#$&cks Coffee!” - Wayne, Victoria, B.C.

“ I spent 3 weeks in Australia recently, and couldn’t find a coffee as good as Misty Ridge.” - Blair, Port Alberni, B.C.

“Misty Ridge is the BEST COFFEE EVER!” - Candice, Campbell River, B.C.

“I can’t find another coffee that is comparable to Misty Ridge! I can’t do store coffee anymore.” - Anna, Duncan, B.C.

“I used to have heartburn after drinking standard coffee. After drinking Misty Ridge coffee, my heartburn is gone, and I can enjoy coffee again!” - Ray, Courtenay, B.C.

Need larger quantities,? Interested in wholesale opportunities?
Please contact us toll-free: 1-888-898-8727 for quotations.