Beans shipped within 48 hours of roasting. Our motto is: "Beans so fresh they ought to be slapped." When only the finest coffee will suffice, we custom roast!

The following is a list of coffees that we import and roast. We use these high quality shade-grown, organic arabica beans to formulate our incredible, unique blends. We can roast these single origin beans on demand, but only in 2 kilogram quantities.

Contact us for rates on larger quantities.

place your orderBrazil Cerrado: Very smooth, medium body, with a lovely balance and lack of acidity, with an almost licorice-like aftertaste. Like just a single cup of java in the morning? This is the one for you.

place your orderMexico Chiapas (Organic): No pesticides involved in the growing of this coffee. This has more of a jolt to it--a sharper, more lively, acidic coffee. Wakes up the taste buds, particularly for those who enjoy smoking with their beverage.

place your orderPapua New Guinea: This coffee has an almost sweet, acidic flavour with some heavy body. Savour the sweet, almost fruity after-taste. A lovely, very tasteful coffee to serve company at an evening dinner.

place your orderPeru Selva Andina (Organic): No pesticides here. A very full-bodied coffee, well-rounded, with an almost smoky taste. A good strong coffee, sure to become a favorite. Best offered for mid-afternoon get-togethers.

place your orderSwiss Water Process Decaf: Country of origin may vary with market availability. You would never know that you were drinking Decaf coffee. Processed with water, this Decaf is bursting with flavour. We roast it medium. Swiss Water Process is 25% extra.

For best flavour, our coffee is shipped as whole bean, 300 grams per package.
Coffee shipped in 3 X 300 gram packs for $44.95, free shipping in Western Canada. Six bag minimum in Eastern Canada, or USA.

Need larger quantities,? Interested in wholesale opportunities?
Please contact us toll-free: 1-888-898-8727 for quotations.